The possibilities

Reflections on a day

imageYesterday, the new Star Wars teaser was released and I spent the first half of the day crying like a 5-year old. They were tears of joy, with more than a little bit of nostalgia.

Today I attended Generate NYC and spent the day listening to smart people discuss very grown up things but I still felt like a 5-year old with a brand new deluxe set of crayons.

I’m writing this post on my iPhone, and thinking of the first freelance projects I ever worked on – WordPress sites for people Id meet at my “office” (a starbucks on 26th & 6th) – realizing how much technology has progressed in such a short time, ¬†how far I’ve come in my career and how far I can go.

With all this swirling around in my head, I notice how the sun seems to burst from the windows of a glass building in Hell’s Kitchen.

The possibilities.