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Hey There | Jeff Schram

Hey There

Well, here we go. I’m kicking off this new site today, joining a ton of other talented people who’ve been inspired by the 100 Days Project from Elle Luna & The Great Discontent.

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luna-100dayproject-pledge1I like to challenge myself if I’m afraid of something. I’m afraid of heights, and whenever I’m near the edge of a tall building, or like, on the 2nd floor in the mall, I’ll walk up to the edge just to see if I’m still afraid. And I’m always still afraid. I once took a wild ride on a kiddie ferris wheel, hugging the center pole because my life depended on it.

I’ve always dabbled in different mediums in art. I was lucky enough to skip my senior year of highschool to study sculpture and wheel-thrown pottery. During that time I picked up my first guitar, and made a short film (VHS!) with my friends. I ended up going to college, thinking I was going to be a cinematograper and ended up studying classical guitar. Later, I moved to NYC to get in the singer-songwriter game and ended up starting a small web design business.

While I always loved creating things, I didn’t want to talk about it – or explain anything. I just sorta hoped that it would speak for itself. I was actually scared of wrangling my thoughts onto a page and just write.

So here’s my new site. I’ll be writing and posting updates on other projects I’m currently working on. I have my hands in all kinds of stuff: music, film, photography, and code, and more than anything I want this journal to be about creativity. Creativity and how one project might influence another. I’ve written code, and thought about that web project while playing music and it’s had an impact. I’m doing a short video series to help me finish writing a new batch of songs.

I’m not pretending to be a good writer, I’m just giving it a shot. And I’m not going to overthink it, gonna try to not edit too much or censor what I’m thinking. What would be the point of that?

My friends at The Great Discontent are holding a 100 Days Project, to inspire people to make the effort to show up every day and work on their craft. I’ve never had one particular craft – it’s always been a hodge podge of creative interests – so that’ll be this site. And I’m going to show up every day and explore it.