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Enter the Duck Cave | Jeff Schram

Enter the Duck Cave

The snow has melted, the temp is staying above 40… time to cruise around Stamford harbor on a motorized rubber duck.

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Duck Cave
I went out with some friends this weekend and we all talked about how damn grateful we all are that Spring seems to really be happening. I heard it was coming, but I didn’t really believe it. At least 3 people asked me “Are you taking Ducky out tomorrow?”. And a buddy of mine didn’t know what Ducky is, and I showed him the Ducky Moto video that is always easily accessible on my iphone at any given moment in time.

So yes! I’m gonna get Ducky back in the water ASAP. But the thing is – at the end of a season Ducky is pretty beat up. The PVC is usually cracked in at least one spot, and I usually have to redo the custom wiring that made sense at the time but is now in what-the-hell-was-I-thinking territory.

I’m now lucky enough to live in a condo complex that has access to a marina. I’ll be able to take Ducky out for a spin pretty much any time I want. The only drawback is that I don’t have a backyard or a garage, so I have to be creative. I’m going to try to build a little workshop to cohabitate with my home office/home recording studio.

Enter “The Duck Cave”. Because Batman is the greatest thing ever – I want my own version of the Bat Cave. And I don’t care that ducks don’t live in caves, screw you for bringing that up. Don’t care.


I have a closet, and an Ikea cabinet to work with. I have to fit a ton of tools, pumps, batteries and chargers, PVC pipes, portable stereo system, a sweet-ass helmet, and of course 2 motors. I guess this will count as an Ikea Hack, making a workshop in the spare room that will be functional, but then able to be hidden away at a moment’s notice – so no one can know my secret identity.